Posted July 27, 2012 by ouyascene in Hacks

New Mockup Images For Console And Controller


Yves Behar is busy behind the scenes working on the final design for OUYA. Today, they have released new mockup images of their console and controller.

The console break out view shows it was built with a minimalist mindset which Yves Behar is known for in the past. Modular in design so parts can be easily replaced.

There isn’t much to report about the controller as it’s not finalized yet according to Yves. It almost looks like an Xbox 360 controller but not quite. The OUYA controller has an accessibility issue. People who are color blind will have a problem because those buttons are only colored differently but not assigned with different shapes, it’s all circles. On the X360 and PS3 controllers, you’ll notice the buttons have different shapes and colors printed on each button so a person with color blind issue can distinguish the differences for each button rather than color. The majority of people are suggesting that they should use the letters O-U-Y-A for button shapes, it makes sense and fits the bill.

As for the D-Pad, I would believe it would be better if they went with the traditional cross D-Pad than the circle version. I’ve encountered problems in the past with 360 circle D-Pad. It sticks all the time and it’s not great for 2D fighting genres.

Otherwise, the controller design is fine but I would have expected a feature which other consoles don’t have. It could be anything from a mini LCD screen (Wii U), touchpad capability, media center buttons, switchable joysticks, and etc. Lets hope the final design will be a lot more exciting than what was displayed today. I’m sure Yves has something up his sleeve or could this be it because of production deadline?